xEnergy-Partner Extranet – Terms of Use

Use of the xEnergy-Partner Extranet is permitted by companies and persons who have agreed a supply and distribution contract with Eaton Industries GmbH (hereinafter: Eaton) with regard to xEnergy (hereinafter: xEnergy-Partner) as well as those who receive xEnergy without a contract of this nature from Eaton (hereinafter: Customer), commonly referred to with regard to the terms of use as Users.

Users of xEnergy-Partner Extranet are provided with personal access to the xEnergy-partner.de after registration. This access and use are free of charge.

The non-exclusive right to use of the xEnergy-Partner Extranet is for a limited period for xEnergy-Partners. It automatically ends when the xEnergy supply and distribution contract agreed between Eaton and the respective xEnergy-Partner has expired. For customers, the non-exclusive right of usage is limited to 6 months after the personal access has been received.

The rights of use covers the right to read, download and to use the data contained in the xEnergy-Partner Extranet. The user undertakes to not to pass on the data to third parties, excluding employees working for the user.

Eaton reserves the right to limit, extend or cease the services of the xEnergy-Partner Extranet without any advanced warning. All claims by users against Eaton – regardless of their type– are groundless.

The user undertakes to treat their access data in the strictest of confidence and not to pass it onto third parties with the exception of employees working for the user. The obligation also extends to include authorized employees of the user.

Damages and claims for expenses incurred by the user, regardless of their nature, particularly relating to breach of duties resulting from the business obligation and from a liability in tort are excluded. This does not apply, provided that compulsory liability is in effect, e.g. conform to product liability legislation, in cases of wilful intent, gross negligence, injury to life, the person or health, and due to breach of integral terms of the contractual obligations. The claim for damages for breach of integral terms of the contractual obligations is however limited to the typical contract relevant predictable damage, as long as wilful intent, gross negligence, injury to life, the person or health are not the subject of the claim.

Eaton does not guarantee that the web site and its content will always be available for use. Eaton excludes any liability with a technical malfunction of the xEnergy-partner.de server or the connection via the Internet, or with any malfunctions with the access for the xEnergy-Partner, which are not subject to gross negligence or criminal intent.

Data protection declaration

We wish to inform you that any details supplied in the registration process will be used for implementation and handling of your access to xEnergy-partner.de. Furthermore, we want to use the personal details which you supplied to better accommodate your requirements, to improve our products and services and to answer your queries, to handle any orders which you may make, to provide you with access to special information or offers, which also includes our range of products.

For the above mentioned purposes, your personal details may be passed onto our subsidiary companies world-wide, so that your personal data may be processed in countries outside the European economic zone where the data protection standard does not correspond with the standards in use here.

We need your consent for the use of your personal data as described. Your consent is granted by sending this registration form.

You can withdraw your consent at any time under SupportDistributionBoardAustria@Eaton.com.

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